Monday, February 11, 2008

Feb. Tucson Gem Show

Here are a few highlights from this past week!
My Seattle friend Gina came for her I think 4th time to come and shop with me and the
Tucson Gemshow. Biggest gemshow in the world. This is a picture of her and my friend TRIXTA
shopping for gems.
Gina asked me what I was going to be looking for this year at the show
and I told her I decided I was going to "FOLLOW MY HEART",
and follow my heart I did!!
SO that became the theme for our shopping experience.
Some previous years themes are
not to be out done by
and my last but not least
"if you like it BUY IT!!"
we also like to let people hear us say
Also to look like a serious shopper
you have to make sure you have your little WHEELY BAG
in tote.

Later in the week we were welcomed by
a former Tucsonian Jamie!!
Trish and I were there already shopping and we had to warn the little
Chinese worker man that soon he would hear screaming and squealing when our friend
arrived. He didn't believe us at first but he soon saw for himself.
I like to think that made his day. He wouldn't stop saying good bye to us
as we left he was smiling and waiving and saying "goor bi, goor bi",
or something like that.

Then on Saturday we had a quick little MOTHER/DAUGHTER
shopping fest!
My friend Jenny and I took our daughters
for a little gem show tour and let them pick out the cutest little earrings.
Jenny got the cutest little silver bracelet to match her
very sweet Tiffany necklace. Darn I forgot to get
a picture of that. Here's our cheesy grins instead.

Cute red shoes M*!!

the end.