Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I've only just begun...

(above necklace; PINK PARADISE, already in etsy shop)

I've just gotten back from the spring Tucson gemshow and it was so much fun to see all the new colors and gems for the season. One thing I realized right away was that BRIGHTS,
and adding plenty of color to my new spring collection was going to be a must. So I went with it and here are just a few of the new NECKCANDY I've come up with so far.

Berry Treasure Necklace
in shop now

Banana Berry Bliss

Rasberry Truffle

Icey Treasure Necklace
Pink Lemon Sour
in shop now

Chewy Spree Cluster
(sold but can remake similar)

I think I have a bit of spring fever with all these colors!


jenny said...

lovelovelovelove the cluster. i might need to rob the piggy bank! :)

Gentry Family said...

Love LOVE the first one!!!!!!! It was nice to see you, sorry I complained about preschool the whole time :)

Dixons said...

LOVE your stuff! Thanks for giving me the website. I'll have to give Dan some hints for my birthday! ;)