Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Designer spotlight

This is my first designer spotlight. I just couldn't help but bragging about my darling cousin Gayle. She makes the coolest stuff. I'm so impressed with her sewing skills and especially her designs.

I think she is amazing! Here are a few of her DESIGNS. She has created these awesome hiking belts. If you are a hiker, a frequent tourist, or love Disneyland-- then you would love this belt. I think she needs to take them to the Shark Tank, have you seen that show? It's one of my new favorites. Anyways, you can keep a few essentials in a stylishly placed pocket on the side. This is NOT your mama's fanny-pack It's so cute!

She also makes darling wallets and purses out of trendy designer fabrics.
Check out her etsy site HERE. It's called Stitch-a-line 509.


JaMie HeApS said...


sarah elizabeth said...

I drool over Gayle's stuff everyday, literally.

The Belnaps said...

Yeah for Gayle! I'm so proud of her too. Jeannie, it's so awesome of you to spotlight her.

Dixons said...

Love this idea! (Not hatin' on the fanny pack or anything.... ;) And I love the wallets. P.S. Dan and I LOVE shark tank! Miss you! Are we really neighbors?