Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Neckcandy for 2010!!

Add some SPARK to your wardrobe with these new sparkly bib
necklaces! Even more darling in person. Bib Necklaces are a very big fashion trend right now. These can worn dressed up or down by wearing with that little black dress or favorite t-shirt. Made with beautiful beaded appliques.

New Chunky Gems Ribbon Necklaces, very versatile and adjustable lengths!

Made with beautiful large faceted rutilated quartz rounds, gold obsidian, and
one of my favorites mosaic abalone. You can slip this golden silk ribbon (or even one of you favorite silver chains or leather) through the chain and tie it up pretty depending on how long or short you want it.
Unique and one of a kind.

Made with gorgeous large Azurite oval shape stones.
Azurite is a very popular mineral because of its unparalleled color, a deep blue called "azure", hence its name.
Large Onyx nuggets mixed throughout, and topped off with large gold obsidian oval stones. I love gold obsidian because it looks black until you look deep inside and see the gold undertones. It's stunning and as always one of a kind!!

That's it for now! Enjoy!


Mary and Ryan said...

oh my gosh Im dying! I love them!!!

trish said...

Those are BEAUTIFUL!! You are always coming up with something new and and amazing.

JaMie HeApS said...

my fav... the blues bib one... love it.

Anonymous said...

your designs just keep getting better!! love love love!!