Sunday, August 31, 2008

Auction closed & BIG WINNERS!!!

What an exciting last few minutes to Auction #1!!
I am so thankful for everyone's participation and generosity
to the Nielson family! This was a truly touching experience to be
a part of.

The winners are as follows:

Auction #1 Megan, Kelly, Anndeo
We convo'd and decided I would make all three the set for $150!! Your going to love this cute necklace and think of Nie everytime you wear it!!

Auction #2 Maleen

Auction #3 Debi

Auction #4 carclark4 (i think your jenny's mom??) thanks!

Thank you everybody!! I will email you and mail out your goodies on Tuesday since tomorrow is a holiday. Except for on Auction #1 I need to make more so it will be a couple days!!

Go ahead and send your donations into Steph and Christians Paypal account and then you can email me the receipt @

You're all tender and I love you all!!


Mary and Ryan said...

That is so great! Such cute jewelry and look how much you raised for Nie Nie! I love it!!!!!

trish said...

WOW! Jean, you are AMAZING! You are such a good friend, even to someone that you have never met! And those winners got a deal, because Jean Jewelry is priceless!!

anndeo said...

Thank you so much! I'm excited for the necklace, but more importantly to be able to help out and have a bunch of fun doing it.

halls of pemberly said...

awesome jean.

E-llo said...

Way to go Jean. Your jewelry is always amazing. What an amazing person you are for doing this.

nie nie said...

Thank you for your support! When you finalize your totals for your auction, can you email the grand total to where we are collecting totals for the many auctions that took place. Thanks again!