Sunday, August 31, 2008

A few more hours!

Just a reminder that my auction closes at 6 pm tonight and then I will announce
the winners!!
Remember the more you bid the more chances you have for the door prize!!

Hopefully the winners all put email addresses so I can let you know you won.
If not I will have to take the next bidder that has an email!!

Thanks so much for your generous bids!
This has been so touching & fun all at the same time!



megan said...

a quick question... is that 6pm AZ time or UT time, b/c your blog clock is apparantly still on AZ time. thanks!

jeanbean said...

Good question. I didn't notice that. We just moved to Utah. I will say Utah time 6 pm. I'll try and change my blog to that now. sorry for confusion.