Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Getting ready for auction!

Be aN aNgeL!

Here is a small sample of the auction participants. WOW -it is so amazing to see so many people coming together! I've been checking out some of these blogs and they are so cute, so get geared up and ready to bid on something special!!

Be sure to check out Design Mom for a full list of auctions on Thursday.

bird on the lawn
design mom
(incredible mommy blog who started it all)
tangled and true (modern products for parents)
broadway paper
lindsey zufelt (lovely kelly mccaleb original quilt)
a room somewhere
i never grew up
caitlyn a.k.a THE BEST HAIRDRESSER ever!
baby anne quilts
patrick lane (an etsy shop. ALL proceeds go to benefit Stephanie and her family)
heather hales design
the dill spiel (beautiful handmade angel mobile)
knuckle headers via remarks from sparks (megan is a genuis! boost the appeal of your blog!)
modern myrtle (awesome vintage inspired modern products)
get up and play
XO, Miss L2
Butternut Sage Designs
Make Mine A Quad
Claire B Cotts (fine art)
A Daisy Original
Live Simply Live
Katie Timothy (homemade goodness)
Life Kunst
Sweet Tweets 1 (all things birds)
My Neck Candy
Noodle and Lou
The Biggie Blog
Beckstrom Family
Piece of Rager Mind
Mallory Robin (painter extraordinaire)
Olivia in Provo (INCREDIBLE custom designed greeting cards! You'll have to out bid me!)
Kayta Family
Summer Projection
Darling Darleen (SWANKY handmade jewelry. So cool!)
Word Candy Vinyl
Vintage Fern (handmade sweetnesses)


Trevlyn said...

What a wonderful list! It's a blessing to be a very small part of this beautiful effort! I appreciate you mentioning me!

birdonthelawn said...

would you mind adding me? birdonthelawn.blogspot.com...

thank you a million times over!

stacymae said...

Care to add my auction?

Check it out here, www.kidsstuffworld.com

A handmade tote bag, a custom necklace, and a custom blog banner


Kelly said...

Hey add me too! Your Stuff is doing Awesome! I LOVE IT!
I didn't notice until after I posted mine that we had the same idea as c-jane... Opps! She has had great luck so hopefully I can have a little too!
Thank You!