Monday, September 29, 2008

Busy BEE!

I've been a busy Bee this past week but had lots of fun! First off I was making jewelry like a mad banchee for a jewelry trunk show at my mother-in-law's house. No matter how many pieces I have made I never think it's enough and can't stop making....thus my entire house is thrashed and is in need of some marry maids to clean it up!!Friday there was a small gemshow in town so my awesome sister-in-law went with me--which made it all the more fun!! Buying gems is hard work and by the afternoon we were wiped out and hit the Cheesecake Factory!
It wasn't as big as the Tucson gemshow but I was so stoked that atleast I got some new goods to help me make it through until February. I must say I was impressed with some unique finds that I can't wait to make into something really special!!
I really could have just eating these for lunch! They are so yummy!!

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trish said...

Okay I am loving the new goods, BUT i am so so so jealous that I didnt get to be at the gemshow! sob sob! Okay you better still be planning to come to the tucson gem show in the spring! (Oh and I am loving the bronze wire and earrings that you are using)!!