Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I love HOOPS #2

(all hoops are sold except for the purple chalcedony chunks, if you are interested in any of these or similar email me @myneckcandy@comcast.net and I may be able to make more or something similar)

Have I told you yet that I LOVE HOOPS?? Well I do. Here are some new goods of the day. I've got my sparkly hoops, colorful hoops, and chunky hoops. I think I'm all set and ssshhhhh don't tell but the colorful ones are my favorite so I put them in my etsy shop. Did I mention that birds {heart} hoops too??



Gina said...

look at you all fancy making your own hoops with wire! I seriously want the purply necklace on Etsy! So cute!

Heather Telford said...

I love hoops you are SO talented!! I tried once to make earrings and its so hard!!! Love these!!